10 reasons why should travel within Malaysia during pandemic

  1. Malaysia has many beautiful & interesting attractions and islands.
  2. Wide range of tourism products from affordable to luxury holiday.
  3. Super promotion from airlines, hotels, attractions, travel agents.
  4. Malaysia government has waived sales service tax on hotel & tourism products.
  5. You can get personal tax relief up to RM1000 for year of 2020.
  6. Help the tourism industry players and local community to earn for their living.
  7. Money circulate within the country ease to reduce impact economy recession due to pandemic.
  8. Time is precious. Spend more time with your love one.
  9. Explore different cultures and foods.
  10. This is still safe to travel within the country. SOP implemented on the attractions and hotels.
Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2020
Yes, It is time to travel again! 2020

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