8 benefit of company trip

1. Employee Motivation

Working attitude is very important in a company to make good progress of the company. Staffs can be motivated to achieve the sales target or their KPI at a timely basis when there is a aim to go for the reward. Everyone is looking forward company trip.

2. Building staff relationship

Don’t be surprised that you may not even know your colleague’s name who is in another department in your company. Having a company trip is one of the best time to mix around with colleagues from other departments and different branches. Many of our corporate clients would purposely arrange a mix for staff seating, rooming arrangement, and group activities among different departments and branches. It usually works well! That’s why big company in Malaysia try to organise yearly company trip.

3. Off Site Meeting

Some of the companies will arrange meeting outside of their office. They will either arrange a half day or a full day meeting in the hotel seminar room. The meeting agenda is normally different from the usual company meetings.

4. Team building

Team building activities can be carried out indoor or outdoor. Team building activities could range from easy station games to complicated type like amazing race. The purpose is to enhance bonding and team work between the employees.

5. Appreciation dinner

Appreciation dinner with a theme will make a good memory to all the employees. It can be arranged in the hotel or some special location. It will carry more fun if it includes performances and lucky draw session, too.

6. New company sales target

The company can also plan ahead to announce to the staffs on their next list of company trip destinations base on new sales target.

7. Let the management team discover hidden talents

By having a company trip, the management could discover hidden talents within individuals, something outside their daily tasks. You will never know if your company actually have professional grade emcees, photographer, event organiser, or even another new rising star! The management team can see the employees’ strengths and weaknesses outside of the working world. They may even base on the observation to reshuffle the work force to achieve better work efficiency and effectiveness.

8. Increase loyalty

Loyalty to the company is very important to reduce headcount turnover. Many companies spend thousands of ringgit for hiring process yearly. By organising a company trip, it may help to increase employees’ loyalty to the company in a long run.

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